Branch and bathroom embroidery

There are many kinds of stories and “truths” on the ground, but unfortunately, some of them do not really matter. In most cases, I have heard the argument that if more than half of the housing cooperative renovate the bathrooms to keep, not the cable shield, in this case, is not an option but a must do the so-called. traditional renovation. This argument is incorrect, so it is easy to make jokes and bathroom embroidery together and the end result is the best.

Traditional vs. New

In traditional renovations, water and drainage pipes and electrical wiring are renewed in their existing places in the house structures and most of all are renovated with all bathrooms. In addition, depending on the situation, antenna cabling will be renewed, the sauna facilities of the building will be repaired, etc. That is, the goal is to fix everything at once. In recent years, the traditional renovation has replaced the so-called ” hybrid reshuffle. Water drains are drained, water pipes & electricity are made top-notch for new routes and bathrooms are refurbished as needed. Some of the houses will renovate all the bathrooms except recently renovated and in other companies, residents can decide for themselves whether they want to renovate their bathrooms. That is, the method is very flexible and adapts neatly to the situation of each housing company. In Hybridrenovation, different entities can be flexibly made at the same time or scheduled for a longer period of time.

revation vall

As said in, Hybridrenovation achieves considerable time and money savings compared to traditional renovations, but the result is similar:
– The same water pipes and electric wires come into the apartment, only routing is different
– By disgusting the sanitary drainage pipes, they will last 50 years, the same as new plastic tubes. A disenfranchised tube is a new plastic pipe with all its features
– Bathrooms are remodeled in exactly the same way in both renovations

Saving money in hybridrenovation?

Savings are generated by the amount of work, that is, wage costs. In Hybridrenovation, the old structures of the house do not go unpunished, which saves considerable time and money. Sewing pipelines is faster than disassembling and rebuilding old pipes. Also, the design and control costs are lower in the hybrid realm compared with the traditional overhaul. And the much lower housing cost of the hybrid reel is added, so the package is ready.

That is, the customer chooses two technically equivalent options and correctly choosing savings in both housing and costs!

In today’s funeral, floor drains are usually renovated with a separate insert, the coating is about to be quietly dropped, even though carefully doing this is an excellent method of renovation. In the method, a plastic insert is installed in the old floor drain, which corresponds to a new plastic bucket. In connection with the renovation of the bathroom, a separate joining unit is attached to this insert, which can be attached to the prefabricated chiral ring. In connection with a bathroom shade, the floor surface will rise as floor heating is installed on the floor and eg a washing machine drainage pipe. In this way, the most problematic part of the waterproofing, ie the floor drain environment, can be reliably sealed.

If you want to move the floor drain in a bathroom embankment, there is no problem with jamming. A dislocated floor drain arm can be easily cut off and connected to a new pipe drain with a plastic pipe.

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